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Mp3: Your Presence | Barnabas Tamzy


Your Presence: I’m Barnabas Tambaya with a stage name Barry Tamzy from the minority tribe of kudana called kizamani am a lover of God and music I started recording my music this year (2020) I release my first single title Majidadin Yesu Feb 2020 and this one is the second single #YourPresence

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Like the streams forms the river
Like a desert need the rain..
So we need you Lord..
Lord come an take your place..
We are hungry need thy food..
We are thirsty need thy waters
Come an fill us now holy spirit
Dah.. dah.. dah..da
dah.. dah.. dah. dah (2×)
Let your presence fill this place ko ina ya cika… let your presence fill this place…. Holy spirit
Let your power – – – – –
Let your glory – – – – – –
Let thy anointing- – – – – –
Dah.. Dah.. Dah.. dah..
Dah.. dah.. dah.. dah
Repeat all
( backups)

Tongues……….oh God…… come an dwell in this place……..uh God…
Let your grace..
Let your power..
Let thy healing regn …(let it regn oh God)
Back to chorus

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