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Mp3: Love | JoelRapstorm (+lyrics)


Love: Jatau danladi Joel with the stage name “Joel Rapstorm” gospel singer/rapper, a he started rapping at age 8, his kind of music was influenced by his elder brother,Temple Nation, Tb1, Spokesman and other rappers, he started his career as a secular artiste, but later switched to gospel in the year 2018, since then he has been on the low. Love is an inspiration from the holyspirit it is his first official single, and he actually did justice to the song lyrically…

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This is a piece of reality
Embedded was a gift for humanity
Man lived on on air
A life full of vanity
There was need for someone to help restore our sanity
Our youths ran all the way to university
The main aim was to unite in diversity
Then to reshape their destiny
And to be a hope to community
Now brother don grow
Him dey crush on his best friend
Can’t even spend a day without her by his side
Anytime she no dey himside him go put am on call
Now brother is so obsessed him dey put in his best
Wait for a minute,
Is that what you call love
Two shall be one,
Best way to define luck
Realities of life from the tables of humanity
But las las self
This earthly love na scam
Lemme introduce you to a love that never fails
Love wey no dey break heart, a love that never fades
Always new every morning, this love no dey die
And it leaves until forever, e no dey compromise (ooouu)
Tell me now,
Wetin pass this kind love
For papa to lay down his son’s life for all of us
No demands no conditions attached
Las las self na we go gain from am
For God so love the world
Better still for love so love the world
God is love, love is God
They are one not two
Can two walk together
Except they agree
Now what prompts this agreement?
It’s the father’s love
Love is powerful and it’s not hurtful
Unlike what we do today love is far from that
So never play with the term love
Cos when you’re talking love
Just know that you’re God.
Love is more of the spirit than the physical
Cos God is revealed in the spirit than the physical
Love is practical, what you know you show
So if you don’t know God, I tell you
You can’t know love
How you view love is how it works for you
And how it works doesn’t mean it’s the best for you
Love is unlimited it knows no bound
The only Love with an end is that of humanity…
Humanity sinned and she went out of track
But love brought her back with his blood he redeemed her
Wrapped her in his arms
Made her feel warmth and comfort
And told her before you was born I love and it’s surplus
This love no dey reject
This love no dey condemn
Just come as you’re
Na so him accept
Our God e no dey repent
Him no be son or man
So when he tells you I love you
Just know it’s real for life
Passionate compassionate Jesus is the code
Holla the name Jesus anytime you want decode
He’s always a step closer than the man at your door post
And he’s always coming quicker
He’s a time keeper (oohh)
Emmanuel God now living inside of us
God in a man and the love binds us all
You want a life of peace peace?
Ogbeni love is the key
Cos the presence of love silents every hate……
My Bradda….

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